Hi,delicious food

In kuala Lumpur,you can find a good restaurant which is precious old china.The restaurant and Old China Cafe are sister shops, but the environment is more elegant than the latter. This Nyonya restaurant is located on the second floor of the centuries-old Central Market and is decorated in a very stylish way. The screens, the cabinets and the Buddha statues create elegance. Chinese traditional style, whether it is Nasi Lemak, Curry Taro and Laksa are great.



These are some of the foods I have ate. They taste very good and are not spicy at all. Perfect for dinner

Of course, if you wanna have sth for lunch,I think you can try grilled fish and spicy fish fillets and Kung Pao Chicken。As for its spicyness, in my opinion,I will give it a four out of five star, about the deliciousness ,I will give it a four stars. As a foodie, I highly recommend these three models.

grilled fish(40RM+)


Kung Pao Chicken(35RM+)


grilled fish(55RM+)


Next,I will introduce one of my favorite foods,seaweed egg soup.When you first start drinking,you will taste a little salty,and then feel that your taste buds seem to be opened,but also want to have a second taste.If you have it with the seaweed you will have a total different flavor.words can not express how it taste like exactly but it is the very soup I love.When I was a child, I always asked my mother to cook it for me. It is so nice that I can taste sth that remind me of home in a foreinger country. Below is a picture of this food.

seaweed egg soup(15RM+)


These are the foods I am going to introduce today, and I highly recommend them to taste them.

Precious Old China Address: Lot 2, Mezzanine Floor, Central Market, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 50050 Kuala Lumpur

Hi,delicious food




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